I'm a Project Manager by profession. It's not a bad gig. It's challenging but not TOO challenging, the pay is good, my boss is awesome. But, let's face it, as a child I did not profess to want to be a Project Manager when adults asked me what I wanted to BE when I grew up.

And so I present to you "An Alphabetical List of Jobs I Have Considered In My Lifetime". This list is NOT comprehensive but, Lord love a duck, it is entirely true.

Aquatic Scientist
Disc Jockey (DJ)*
Exotic Dancer
Flower Arranger**
Go-Go Dancer
Hula Hoop Champion
K - I can't think of any careers that start with k. Killer? Kinesiologist? Kitten cuddler? Kangaroo Handler? They all sound like they might involve quite a lot more poo than I'm willing to deal with.
Lion Tamer
Office Worker ****
Phone Sex Operator *****
Real Estate Agent
Social Worker
Technical Writer
U - Again, I am failing to come up with something here. Umbrella Maker? Unarmed Security Guard? Both are probably more dangerous than they sound.
V- Veterinarian
W- Web Designer
X - I am pretty sure X-Ray Technician is the ONLY job in the world that starts with X. Am I wrong? Is there such a thing as a Xeroscopist or something? A Xeroxer? I do not want to do any of these things so let's move on.
Y - Young Adult Author (as in writing books FOR young adults, not being a young adult who writes books)-
Z - Zoologist

*I actually was a DJ in the 90's. For a short bit I did a very cheesy love song request and dedication show.  It was every bit as AWESOME as you are imagining. Yes, tapes exist. No, you can't hear them. (Ok, maybe YOU can. But not you.)

**Another one I actually did. If by "did" you will accept one day of training during which I proved to be woefully inept at arranging flowers. My color vision is not good and I also apparently lack "any creative vision" according to the shriveled old lady who attempted to train me.

***Yep, did it. Loved it. Started in college and continued until the late 90's. My career started out with winning awards in college for my coverage of a bank explosion and for my coverage of the war in Iraq and then later ended with me getting fired from my position as an Assignments Editor at a tv station. I was strictly radio from then on out.

****The surprise with this one isn't that I did it (did and still do), it's that I WANTED to do it. Seriously. After years of working in childcare and then radio and television (which sometimes are not THAT different from childcare) I wanted to sit in a cubicle. It seemed so grown up.

*****See? I told you I didn't say "Project Manager". Also, did you skip straight to this one? If you did then you are a dirty, dirty bird. Maybe YOU should look into a career in phone sex. The pay is great. Um...I hear.  Don't know how to get started? Try Craig's List. I'm guessing.

******To be fair, when I wanted to be Queen I did not understand that it wasn't really a job you could just go and get.

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